Sunday, August 24, 2014


Gentle Reader,

What you’ll find below is an upside-down anthology of sorts: a journal of my frequent morning musings from January 2008 till now, in reverse order.

Much of what I write here is verse in traditional rhymed iambic pentameters, old fashioned in form but contemporary in topics and idiom. It asks to be read aloud so that the effects of rhyme and meter may be felt.

Sometimes I write brief prose essays, but even my verses are essays, or attempts, pursuing a line of thought to some conclusion, though more sonorously than those in prose: discursive verses, I call them.

In either case, you’re the reader over my shoulder as I write, which makes my writing different than when I have no audience in mind but only a vague urge to express. So I thank you for whatever attention you give my words and thoughts and feelings because you might so easily attend to something else, and you soon will.

To beguile you to linger longer, though, I’ve coupled most of my compositions with a photo or image I’ve taken or borrowed, which often corresponds with my words of that day.

Thank you for visiting here.  I hope you enjoy your stay and are moved to come back soon.

—Alan Nordstrom

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for Larry Dossey

   Homo noeticus is the next phase
   Of our development, when we’ll have found
   A way beyond our present mental haze,
   Freed from beliefs by which our minds are bound.

   We know from pioneers who now report
   That there’s a psychic realm some call “One Mind,”
   And if we find our route to that resort,
   We’ll see a world to which most now are blind.

   Though long ago I think I glimpsed that state
   With visionary exaltation that
   Endured one night, but did by dawn abate,
   Like turning down my psychic rheostat,

        Yet ever since, I’ve yearned I might return
        To find what further wonders I could learn.


    Let’s say then that there is one Cosmic Mind
    By which the universe has been designed,
    In which all human beings participate
    And may commune with when we meditate.

    Imagine it’s a beacon in the sky
    A guiding star to set our courses by,
    By grace of which, when reverently appealed,
    Good Orderly Direction is revealed.

    And yet, most of the time, we’re unaligned
    With the designs of Universal Mind,
    And earthly chaos is the consequence
    While what should be translucent becomes dense.

         The only cure’s to get back in the Zone
         Where what is universal is your own.


Thursday, August 21, 2014


       Neuroses and psychoses are a bitch:
       They drive our woeful lives into a ditch,
       Requiring counseling and therapy
       To straighten out our skewed mentality;

       But once we’re back to normal, is there more,
       Some psychic higher reaches to explore?
       When we’ve been rescued from our living hell,
       Is there a higher way of being well?

       Indeed, there is a growing school of thought
       Called positive psychology that’s sought
       Just that, discovering new levels of
       Performance and serenity and love.

            Although in many ways this life is hell,
            There still are paths to take for being well.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

     The principles by which I mean to live
     Are very like the Holy Trinity,
     For Father, Son and Holy Spirit give
     A pattern to my own philosophy:

     Where Father stands for Wisdom to acquire;
     Son stands for Love, Compassion, Sacrifice;
     And Spirit is the Joy that lifts us higher
     Hence: Wisdom, Love and Joy, to be concise.

     This is not my religion to believe
     But mine to do, a practice to perform,
     A way to live exalted, not to grieve,
     The surest way to weather any storm:

          To practice Wisdom, Love and Joy foremost
          Serves best the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


Sunday, August 17, 2014


            If you’d be wise, then you must realize
            What is of greatest value to devise,
            For wisdom is the prudence to foresee
            And serve what is of true necessity.


Friday, August 15, 2014


An Etymology

for Robert Frost

    The wisdom that is prudence comes to be
    Once you have gained the power to foresee
    The likely outcomes of each choice you make,

    Then choose for heaven’s and the future’s sake.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

G. O. D.

Now that we humans have brawned and brained ourselves into the status of Earth’s dominant species, having gained the potential to exterminate all higher life forms on the planet, sanity behooves us instead to wise up and devote our intelligence to salutary practices, to develop cooperative ways for Earthlife to flourish.

The inherent mission of our species is to employ our native intelligence so that Earth’s miraculous initiative succeeds.  To do so would be to follow that Good Orderly Direction implicit in the cosmos which some have designated as the will of GOD.